Yarra Corp brings safe, fresh and healthy Australian produce to consumers
through our vertically integrated and responsible supply chain.


"The Source"
Our team of experts in the agricultural and livestock industries have their eyes and ears on the ground, working round the clock to ensure sourcing and animal welfare practices, feeding and growing processes, are conducted ethically and productively.


"The Hub"
Our headquarters oversee our teams across all locations to uphold the company's integrity and vision to bring the finest produce to our consumers


"The Plates"
Our experienced multinational team from food production and hospitality sectors continue to uphold the same standards. From animal welfare to food hygiene and gourmet food preparation, they ensure that the quality of product is realised.

We are...

... all about creating value from paddock to plate through innovation, ethical practices and focusing on food security & safety.


With strong and experienced teams on the ground and across the globe, Yarra Corp has better selection of our sources and better adaptability to our markets. From livestock growing and food production, to hospitality and business development - the team upholds rigorous international standards and training processes to provide quality and food safety assurance.


With a focus on nutritution and welfare, backed by leading animal husbandry practices, we evolve traditional husbandry methods to create innovative, sustainable and scalable future.


We care for the people we work with and the impact we make. We are close to the community and the farmers, and what consumers receive and experience matters to us. We commit to offer greater food traceability, quality, and safety.