Safe Premium Foods

Founded in early 2016, Yarra Corp began with the purpose to bring premium, safe, fresh Australian produce to the plates of Asia.

Capitalising on consumers’ strong appetite for premium imported produce, Yarra Corp focuses on building its fully integrated supply chain from paddock to plate. This provides supply and quality assurance to our stakeholders, as well as price competitiveness to our consumers.

Being strategically headquartered in Singapore with dedicated and experienced professionals in Australia and China, Yarra Corp has the ability to maximise the benefits from Australia's vast resources, China's powerful consumer base, and Singapore's active capital market.


To achieve uncompromised quality of produce, Yarra Corp controls the supply chain from end to end. Being vertically integrated allows the Group to provide quality and supply assurance on our products, while offering competitive pricing for our consumers.


Besides our own livestock sourcing team, the company owns and operates cattle feedlots in Australia in partnership with experts in livestock feed production. Yarra Corp's in-house exporting arm is committed to uphold stringent animal welfare and shipping standards.


Yarra Corp offers a wide variety from fresh beef, offals, bones, frozen beef, processed beef products and even pre-cooked dishes via our stores and specialty restaurants.

Quality Promise

To achieve uncompromised quality of its products, Yarra Corp controls the quality throughout the supply chain from the source, Australia.

Australia is widely recognised for her disease-free status and this coupled with the traceability of the Australian beef industry has won the confidence of international consumers.

Yarra Corp also owns and operates a cattle feedlot and a livestock sourcing and exporting arm in Australia, as well as a world-class beef production facility (quarantine feedlot and abattoir - accredited by Australia's Department of Agriculture/ESCAS and the General Administration of Customs of China) in Shandong, China.

In addition to our focus upstream, we work closely with our customers, distributors, retailers to continue this commitment and uphold the same standards.

In time to come, Yarra Corp aims to easily provide full traceability and information for a peace of mind of our consumers.

Meet the Team

Representatives of Yarra Corp operate across the globe: Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand and North America.
In Australia, our team of experts in the agricultural and livestock industries have their eyes and ears on the ground, working round the clock to ensure sourcing and animal welfare practices, feeding and growing processes, are conducted ethically and productively. Backed with decades of dairy industry experience, our local teams are reputed and trusted for their professionalism and integrity.
In China, our experienced multinational team from food production and hospitality sectors continue to uphold the same standards. From animal welfare to food hygiene and gourmet food preparation, they ensure that the quality of product is realised and delivered.
It is this team that upholds the company's integrity and vision to bring the finest product to our consumers.