Australia is renowned for its vast, unpolluted natural landscapes. Not coincidentally, this is also where Yarra Corp sources its produce. Through detailed research and tender loving care, our professionals dedicate their every effort into ensuring that the eventual quality of any product is maximised.

However, the journey of a product from the source to the hands of consumers may not always be a quick and easy one. That is why Yarra Corp believes in recording and being responsible every step along the way. We conform to animal welfare recommendations for animal handling and processing from the source, following rigorous international standards, implementing strict training processes and monitoring diligently to give consumers quality and food safety assurance.

Yarra Corp is committed to working towards a sustainable inclusive future that supports local farmers and food producers, without compromising the welfare of our cattle and upholding value for our shareholders.


We source ethically and from farmers who have responsibly raised their calves. We do not accept cattle that are exposed to Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs), beta-agonists, or any other unnatural and unnecessary supplements — thereby ensuring the quality and consumption-safety of the eventual product. Additionally, cattle health is checked regularly by certified Australian vets, who would administer medication timely if necessary, to ensure their healthy growth and suitability for voyage.


Every cattle has an identification tag, allowing us to record specific progress and movement for each cattle that Yarra Corp manages daily. The data provides insight that is important to improve overall herd wellness and productivity and relevant feedback is also shared with our farmers to improve their operations. It also provides assurance to consumers on the origins and life history of the cattle.


We recognise the important role food producers play in tackling societal challenges to ensure a sustainable yet plentiful food supply to feed the growing world population. Efforts on sustainability starts from the farmers we work with. By engaging them to adopt innovative practices and finding ways to mitigate and adapt to climate challenges, we make better use of our resources and become more productive. We reduce food waste through better food processing and handling. Our longer term goals include working on breed improvement through genomics/reproductive biotechnology.