Yarralinka Livestock Co.

In partnership with JT Johnson & Sons, Yarralinka Livestock Co. is a feedlot that provides consistent, high quality supply of beef cattle for the Chinese live export market as well as other export markets.

Yarralinka is located close to Adelaide port and accredited to feed for major international markets based on safe and ethical research-backed feeding programs for high quality livestock.

In the true spirit of our commitment to quality, we are particular about the feed that our cattle consume. Not only do our cattle enjoy ample space to roam and grow, they also dine in nutritious feed all year round.

Collaborating with experts in Australia’s livestock feed production, there is ongoing R&D program to improve the effectiveness of feed and efficiency of cattle growth, both in feedlot and on-board vessels during its voyage.

From lush grass to carefully formulated feed mixes and pellets, our cattle feed is free from chemicals, hormones, or growth additives. This ensures healthy growth of our cattle and provides reassurance to consumers about the eventual product.

Yarralinka feeds cattle domestic supermarket beef as well as for export.

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South East Asian Livestock Services (SEALS)

Yarra Corp took a controlling stake in the company in late 2017 providing new capital and organic growth opportunities in the growing Asian markets. There is increasing demand in China, as consumers seek healthier sources of protein and healthy options amidst food safety concerns. SEALS supplies live cattle to Yarra Corp's abattoir in Shandong, China, creating a robust and vertically integrated supply chain that meets stringent standards.

Founded in 1996, SEALS has over the last decade supplied more than 500,000 heads of cattle to the South East Asian market, building a successful business relationship amongst importers. Helmed by a large team of people passionate about livestock, our team works tirelessly to source the best selection of cattle. SEALS strives to offer a unique service not only to its clients but also to its valued producers of livestock within Australia.

More recently, SEALS has grown rapidly in various Asian markets, becoming a preferred supplier to clients who value quality and long-term relationships. This is because our team of experts are able to provide customers with the right knowledge and professional service across all cattle types (feeder, slaughter, breeders) for all facilities (feedlot, abattoir, farm).

SEALS has a number of vessels on permanent charter with the capacity to handle continuous shipments of breeder, feeder, and slaughter cattle departing from various ports across Australia including, Townsville, Darwin, Fremantle and Portland.

SEALS offers elite, individually tailored solutions to its customers supply needs including: Feeder, Slaughter, Diary, Breeding cattle as well as sheep and goats via air and sea freight. With professionals strategically and physically located throughout its operations domestically and internationally, it can easily facilitate all aspects of the trade.

As part of our commitment to the highest animal welfare outcomes possible, SEALS has a group of ESCAS (Export Supply Chain Assurance System) specialist consultants to ensure compliance to the ESCAS requirements and to maintain a high level of animal welfare performance always. ESCAS is the system developed by Australian exporters and the Australian Government to ensure all livestock exported from Australia are treated well, from the journey abroad to arrival in-country and all the way to slaughter.

We provide assistance, service, and training to clients across all aspects of livestock production – from ‘conception to consumption’ to enforce positive animal welfare by:
- Ensuring all livestock are retained within SEALS’ approved supply chains.
- Maintaining the traceability of all livestock within the supply chain.
- Having all facilities within SEALS’ supply chains audited by independent auditors.

Ultimately, animal welfare is beneficial to all, from the cattle producer to the retail consumer.

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Yarra Food

Yarra Food was incorporated in 2016 alongside Yarra Corp. The key purpose was to pioneer the import of Australian live slaughter cattle into China – bringing safe, fresh, nutritious and healthy premium beef to Chinese consumers.

Yarra Food abides by animal welfare protocols not because it is compulsory, but because we believe in the wellbeing of the cattle. We maintain this moral principle across the supply chain – that no animal should be subject to mistreatment, and that any animal’s pain, injury, or disease shall be prevented or treated. Through educating staff and cattle handlers, and conducting practical trainings we aspire to provide cattle that is free from injury, sickness, or stress which also directly translates to the quality of the eventual product served to customers.

Yarra Food is fitted out with one of the best abattoir equipments from Europe. This automated line has a capacity of 40 heads/hour and can produce up to 200,000 heads per year. Our staff are trained by the best experts from Australia and Europe, with special emphasis on animal welfare, food hygiene and operation efficiency.

We implement the strictest hygiene and food safety standards from the moment the cattle enter the production line. Disinfection and cleaning practices are monitored and reinforced firmly onto every staff, so that our customers have a peace of mind.

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Yarra Fresh - Epicurean Kitchen

Designed as one-stop gourmet-style retail and dining experience venue, each retail outlet is a beef emporium offering premium Australian beef, quality complementary ingredients and produce, as well as an in-house chef who will prepare your purchases for immediate mouth-watering indulgence in store. Need ideas or guidance? Speak with our retail staff to create your own ready to cook packs for a quick meal in your own home. The key here is: fresh with quality, but quick and easy.

In line with our commitment to offer the finest, safest and freshest produce, every item has a QR code offering product origin information and other useful details.

There are currently 16 Yarra Fresh outlets across Sichuan province, with continued expansion in the pipeline. Our locations are well distributed in neighborhoods, offering "instant" delivery of orders in as little as 20 minutes!

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