Yarra Corp has an extensive international supply network and possesses strong partnerships across the supply-chain from ‘farm to export’. A fully integrated livestock exporter, we export Breeder and Beef cattle from countries such as Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Uruguay, USA to markets including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

We understand the intricacies of livestock export and the ever-changing markets, while at the same time ensure that high animal welfare, quality control and customer service standards are upheld.

Our cattle consistently meet the specifications of our clients through our strict selection protocol and access to the best genetics available from around the world.

Breeder Cattle

From natural born heifers with supporting pedigree to elite GTPI heifers bred to sexed semen/embryos, we are able to source these cattle efficiently and competitively for all requirements through our network of partners and award-winning vendors. Some of our highest exported breeds include Holstein-Friesian, Jersey, Simmental, Hereford and Angus.

Beef Cattle

We understand feed conversion, body frames and production yield. We also appreciate the different appetite and preferences of various markets. In Australia, our team is able to professionally select pure and crossbred cattle such as Brahman, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Hereford, Angus and Wagyu, as well as everything in between.


Whether it is for a specific type and breed of cattle or products surrounding genetics, we are constantly exploring bespoke services for our valued clients. Reach out to us for more information.