A key focus for Yarra Corp is to create sustainable and scalable practices. By transforming academic research into practical processes and marketable products, we disrupt traditional husbandry practices to supply more productive and healthier cattle. With this mindset for more effective processes and products, we help shape the future of livestock, foodservice, and even healthcare industries. The ultimate goal is not only to improve productivity and quality, but also maintain a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

Feedlot Research

Selected feedlots are equipped with feedsafe and ecosafe quality control systems. As part of our commitment towards continual improvement, we analyse data on cattle living conditions and feed quality and how it translates to growth, healthier cattle and savings that can be passed on to the consumers.

Food Production

We invest in the best technology to develop new or better ways of producing, processing, packaging food, to make it safer, healthier, and cleaner.

The focus on food processing techniques helps reduce food contamination. Many foodborne illnesses are avoidable. We adopt a preventative approach towards food safety by identifying and controlling risks before they compromise the safety of food. Our staff are trained in responsible food handling practices and adhere strictly to relevant industry standards.

Value Adding

Through research and biotechnology, we hope to improve herd development and production value.

On the other hand, we strongly support alternative usage of byproducts not only to reduce wastage but to also create value in the biomedical sphere.